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Kosmo’s DogHouse is pleased to offer our state of the art dog grooming department, in order to give your pet a Resort style pampering. Let’s face it your pet can have a “bad hair day.” So why not treat your pet to the equivalent of a spa day with our staff of trained and experienced dog grooming professionals.

Here at kosmo’s doghouse we take great pride in who we hire. All of our groomers go through an extensive hiring process, Each groomer that we have has at least 10 years of grooming salon experience. Each and every year all of our groomers are sent to either grooming competitions and or grooming seminars to stay up to date on the latest trends, techniques and grooming styles. When we are at these seminars we are also making sure that we stay up to date with the best grooming equipment shampoo and tools for your loved ones.

When you make a grooming reservation for your dog or cat, our staff will consult with you so the results you desire can be achieved. Whether it’s clipping, allergy free, medicated baths, fluffing, etc., our professionally trained groomers will have your pet “strutting its stuff” when you arrive to pick him/her up.

At Kosmo’s we take pride in caring for your four legged friends. Our knowledgeable grooming team has over 100 years of grooming experience in more than 160 breeds of dogs and cats. We have a standard of “quality over quantity” with an ongoing concern for the humane treatment of all animals. Our emphasis is on your pet’s health, safety and comfort. The facilities are hygienic and aesthetically pleasing. We have selected a line of shampoos and conditioners that are of high quality and are safe for your pet.

For a free quote on your pet give us a call!

Grooming – (Dogs & Cats)

BATH & Blow Dry(Does not include nails) *$23.00-27.00

Bath & Brush $30 AND UP

Bath and Brush, Nail trimmed and filed, ears cleaned, eyes cleaned


Bath & Blow-dry, Brush-out, Nails trimmed and filed, Ears cleaned, Feet trimmed, Sanitary trim, Trim by eyes, Glands (checked and expressed if needed)


Includes Bath & Brush, Blow-Dry, Nails Trimmed and filed, ears & eyes cleaned Glands and a full hair cut.

*Groomers will quote rates based on size, breed and condition of your dog or cat.

Pricing is based on each individual breed/dog. All prices listed above are a starting price and will fluctuate per breed.



SAT – SUN                    8AM – 4PM


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