Self Wash

Kosmo’s Doghouse is pleased to introduce our self-serve dog wash service to you. We offer all the supplies which include shampoo, conditioner, blow-dryers, towels, brushes, face-wash, and an apron for you. We also provide the key essential item — the clean-up.

Our self-wash tub is raised with a ramp for dogs to get in and out and our hoses have 5 different water pressures.


(items included below)

Self Serve – Small (Under 20 lbs)
Self Serve – Med    (20-40 lbs)
Self Serve – Large  (40-80 lbs)
Self Serve – Extra Large (80+ lbs)





standard shampoo
standard conditioner

blow dryers (if requested)
warm water
ear and facial wash


Shampoo Upgrades:
Deshed shampoo and conditioner – $10.00



A La Carte Services

(if a groomer is available)

Gland expression

Nail paint

Nail trim & dremel

Paw trim

Sanitary trim

Teeth brushing

Pawdicure (toe trim, paw trim, & nail paint)











Self-Wash Hours

Monday-Saturday: 8am-5pm
Sunday: 10am-3pm