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Pea Protein is becoming more and more dominate in dog food and pet treats lately. We are starting to come across dogs that have sensitivities and sometimes allergies to potatoes. Most pet food companies use potato’s as their carbohydrate source in Grain Free Diet. Now companies such as Halo, Nutri-Source, California Natural and Evo to name just a few.

The protein in peas is a good source for most of the essential amino acids, especially Lysine. The sulfur amino acids (ie. methionine and cysteine) are considered first limiting, with tryptopan close behind. This makes peas a good amino acids complement to most grains and meats.

Peas are relatively low in fat but have a good fatty acid profile. With nearly half derived from essential polyunsaturated linoleic acid. And they contain a small complement of the omega-3 linolenic acid. The ash level in peas is lower than that found in animal protein meals (relative to protein content) making them a good option in low ash cat formulas. Among minerals, peas are a rich soure of potassium.

Pea protein is an excellent source of highly digestible vegetable protein. it is particularly rich in lysine and other essential amino acids which are critical for active pets to rebuild muscle tissue. Most dog food companies include this in their foods as a way to naturally keep protein levels high without adding inferior source such a meat meals or other rendered products.

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