Kosmo’s Doghouse, your one stop shop in Scottsdale for dog food, cat food, dog grooming, dog training, and treats and toys! Now carries Acana dog food.

Acana Dog Food

We really loved Acana’s line of dry dog food, Acana is also made by the same company that makes Orijen Dog Food. Acana was voted the best food by the Glycemic Research Institute for the year of 2010-2011. We chose to carry Acana in the store for a couple of different reasons which are. First, they don’t use any grains in their kibble, grains are starting to become a source of allergies in pets and by eliminating the grains in their diet our pets will be able to thrive on more Animal based protein than grains. Second, they uses great sources of protein in their kibble, such as Lamb, and Fish based diets. Lastly Acana has Great levels of proteins, Acana’s protein count registers at about 30%, which is an ideal percentage for all dogs and for all life stages making it one of the best foods on the market!

Kosmo’s Doghouse carriers their 3 different varieties, which include Grasslands (Lamb), Pacifica (Fish) and Wild Prairie (Chicken). Stop by our give us a call here at Kosmo’s for more information about this great dry food brand, you can even check out their website.

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