Scottsdale Grooming What is the Standard Poodle?

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As your Scottsdale pet grooming expert, we are often asked numerous questions about all types of breeds. In order to try and create a cohesive resource for you we have begun a awesome series dedicated to all types of breeds, their history, grooming tip, and interesting facts. The following is one of the many in our list.

Size: Are normally between 45 to 70 lbs
From: Standard Poodles history goes back to Europe. It is unsure where they originated from but France or Germany is the general consensus. The French used the Poodles for circus acts and the Germans used them for hunting and retrieving birds.
Types of Dogs:
They are retrieving or gun dogs.
Used for:
Poodles are so versatile they have been used for protection, agility, tracking, and even herding.

Interesting facts:

  • They are known to be one of the most intelligent dogs.
  • Their tail is poofy and often docked in the US, although it is illegal in the UK.
  • They only have a single layer to their coat.
  • They are shaved with their hair left on their joints to keep them warm when swimming and they rest of their bodies are shaved to help propel them through the water.
  • There isn’t just one way to clip Poodles. Some of the major grooming methods include: Second puppy, continental, English saddle, pet clips, corded
  • Average life spam is 12 years.
  • Learn more about the AKC specifics:

Do you have a poodle in Scottsdale?
Tell us about him/her.
How did they find you?
Can you add any other fun facts to our list?
What is the funniest thing your poodle does?

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