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About Us

Kosmo’s Doghouse is Scottsdale Arizona’s premier dog grooming salonholistic-all natural pet store,  self wash and dog training facility in Scottsdale. At Kosmo’s we take pride in caring for all of our four legged friends. Our fantastic grooming team has over 100 years of combined grooming experience, making them knowledgeable when it comes to more than 160 breeds of dogs and cats. We have a standard of “quality over quantity” with an ongoing concern for the humane treatment of all animals. We understand that our pets are family as well.  We specialize in carrying only the best all natural pet food and supplies for your loved ones. We take the extra time to make sure all of our foods have quality ingredients and nothing is imported from china. Best of all, we’re working closely with no kill shelters and help support adoption events and fundraisers as often as we can.

Healthy Dog

Our emphasis is on your pet’s health, safety and comfort. Our facility is hygienic and aesthetically pleasing. We have selected a line of shampoos and conditioners that are of high quality and are safe for your pet and will have your dog smelling wonderful. Here at Kosmo’s Doghouse, we sell all different types of Holistic, Natural Dry Pet Foods, Wet Food and even Dehydrated Dog Food. For a full list of the brands of food that we carry at Kosmo’s check out our retail section. It will provide you with all your dogs favorite treats, toys, grooming, beds, collars, leashes and much, much, more of your pets favorite things.


At Kosmo’s we take pride as being one of the top dog grooming salons in North Scottsdale, all of our loving groomers have at least 10 years or more grooming experience with all types of dog and cat breeds; as a shop total, we have over 100 years of grooming experience. All of our groomers take the time with you and your pet to make sure we achieve the desired look for your pet. We are always increasing our standards of grooming excellence, we continually send our groomers to grooming shows (to compete and to learn) to stay on top of latest trends, equipment and styles.

Kosmo’s Story

So it all started with our dog Kosmo! We rescued him as a little pup, and he was our “child” for almost 15 years.   Our best bonding times occurred while giving him a bath, and then a great rubdown with the towel. Even at 14 he would run around like a 2 year old afterward. Good times! Living in a condo at times made it hard to bathe him, plus he was so hairy that the drain would stop up no matter how many precautions I took and what a mess!! So come on down to Kosms’s, take some time to pamper your special friend and let us clean up when you’re done.

Teeth Cleaning for Better Breath



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